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Metabolic Analysis - Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) Testing

Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) testing using indirect calorimetry is a pivotal tool that provides you with a precise measurement of the amount of energy your body burns at rest. Understanding your RMR can be the key to personalizing your nutrition, wellness and weight management goals.


Our RMR testing service offers a scientific approach to tailor your nutrition-related health goals based on your unique metabolic profile focusing on long term health and wellbeing.

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Who May Benefit From RMR Testing?

Individuals Seeking Healthy Weight Management


  • For those aiming to lose, gain, or maintain weight for health reasons. An RMR test offers a detailed understanding of your body's energy needs. This precise information allows for tailored dietary recommendations, helping to set realistic goals and effectively manage weight through personalized nutrition and activity goals.

Athletes and Fitness Enthusiasts


  • Athletes and those committed to fitness require a fine-tuned strategy to balance fuel intake with energy expenditure. RMR testing provides important data to ensure you're consuming enough energy to support training, recovery, and performance, optimizing both endurance and strength outcomes.

People with Metabolic Health Concerns


  • RMR testing can be helpful for individuals with metabolic disorders, such as diabetes, thyroid issues, or metabolic syndrome. It helps to understand how these conditions affect metabolism and assists in customizing nutrition interventions to enhance health management. RMR testing also helps us better understand weight plateaus and metabolic adaptation when weight loss has been difficult. Additionally, it’s beneficial for older adults looking to maintain muscle mass and overall vitality as their metabolic rate changes with age.

Body Composition Analysis 

At Mandy Megan RD Services, we recognize that a simple number on the scale does not capture the full story of your metabolic health. Body weight is composed of various elements including muscle, fat, and other critical components such as body fluid. Interestingly, two individuals of the same weight may have vastly different body compositions, which can influence their overall health in unique ways. To provide a more accurate health assessment, we utilize Medical Grade Body Impedance Analysis (BIA) technology, which offers a comprehensive view of your body’s composition, far surpassing the limited insights provided by mere height and weight measurements (BMI).

What's Measured?

  • Our BIA technology measures the makeup of your body's weight, providing detailed data on your total body fluid, total lean mass—including a breakdown of skeletal muscle mass—fat percentage, and visceral fat levels.

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