Reducing Sugar

Nutrition Workshop Series

Choosing foods low in added sugars can help prevent dental caries, excess weight gain (and related chronic conditions such as diabetes and heart disease) and lead to an overall healthier diet! However, research suggests that many Canadian adults regularly consume more than the recommended limits for added sugars, putting them at risk for health concerns. (1)

If you are concerned about your sugar intake, this workshop is for you! This online nutrition workshop series will focus on helping you reduce your intake of added sugars with nutrition education and evidence-based behaviour-change strategies that support long-term healthy changes.

Week 1: Making informed choices

In this presentation, Mandy Megan will teach you how to identify sources of added sugar, provide practical tips for reducing added sugars and guide you through the process of behaviour change so that you can reach your nutrition-related goals.

Week 2: Working through Behaviour change

As you work through reducing your intake of added sugars, you may find that sugar cravings are making it hard to stick to a healthy diet. In this workshop, Mandy Megan will review the common reasons some people crave sugar and offer tips to address these reasons so that you can feel more equipped to reduce your sugar intake.


July 15th, 2022 &

July 22nd, 2022



To learn more or to register, visit and use the chat feature.

  1. Liu, S., Munasinghe, L., Ohinmaa, A., & Veugelers, P. (2020, October 21). Added, free, and total sugar content and consumption of foods and beverages in Canada. Statistics Canada: Health Reports.

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