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My name is Mandy Megan and I LOVE food!... That's right!!! So much so, that I was given the nickname "munchy" from my parents when I was a child. As a child, I enjoyed growing foods with my grandmother in her back yard, helping my mom create delicious meals in the kitchen and I looked forward to grocery shopping every Sunday!...Fast forward to years later and not much has changed. I still enjoy all those experiences around food that I did when I was a child.


Through my love of food, my interest in nutrition came naturally, as I also enjoyed learning about the health benefits of food. I have studied nutritional science for over thirteen years and I have been working as a dietitian for over a decade. I currently hold a Bachelor of Science degree in applied human nutrition and a Master of Science degree in clinical nutrition. I currently work in the areas of acute clinical nutrition care and chronic disease management.


Within my years of experience, I have had the privilege to help many people with a variety of nutrition-related health concerns, some of which include post-stroke nutrition care (including swallowing difficulties), high blood pressure, dyslipidemia & high cholesterol, diabetes, and weight management.


I have two major passions. 1) teaching and 2) motivating others to make healthy changes. 


I have always valued the power of nutrition as it relates to human health and I strongly believe that every person deserves to experience the health benefits that come along with providing their body with the nutrition it needs. Wouldn't you agree?!














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